Bath Astronomers are dedicated to providing space and astronomy outreach to schools and groups in Bath, surrounding areas, and further afield where possible. This includes visits to primary and secondary schools to provide after school stargazing, workshops, planetarium shows, and talks. This web site provides the resources we use so that you can run your own sessions without us or make best use of our Discover Astronomy Loan Box. The Loan Box is a flight case (on wheels) containing a reflecting telescope, 18 pairs of binoculars, a gravity well, a Sun/Moon/Earth dynamic model (Tellurium), and card templates for making planispheres and making spectroscopes to split light.

You can ask to borrow the free Discover Astronomy Loan Box here.

Bath Astronomers' are a group of amateur astronomers based in and around the City of Bath in Somerset who dedicate 100s of hours to STEM-based outreach in the community each year. Where possible, the group funds its activities in primary and secondary schools and uniformed youth groups so that it is free to those taking part.