Pupils use a tellurium (or similar spherical resources) to explore the movement of the Sun, moon and Earth.  A tellurium is an orrery, modelling the movements of the sun, moon and Earth. Learn all about the seasons and phases of the moon, through our presentation that guides you through each demonstration.

You will need:
Our free loan box, which includes a Tellurium!
The means to make your teaching space dark, to view light and shadow.
Access to an orrery, or use a torch and different sized balls to recreate this lesson’s demonstrations.

Objectives (UK National Curriculum 2014):
EYFS – Understand important processes and changes in the natural world around them, including the seasons.
KS1 – Observe the changes across the 4 seasons
KS2 (Y5/6) Earth and Space (all)
KS3 Space physics – The seasons and the Earth’s tilt, day lengths at different times of year, in different hemispheres

Online presentation